Residential Organizing

Hide & Seek Organizing specializes in residential organizing. We can help you organize any area of your home or home office. We can even help you organize your car!

The following is a list of the most common areas where we work with our clients:

  • Kitchen and Pantry
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Closets
  • Home office
  • Children’s play room
  • Basement and Attic
  • Garage

Life is Busy!

Do you get into bed at night and lay awake thinking about all of the things on your to do list? Do you feel frazzled trying to keep track of all the different things you are trying to manage?

Let Hide & Seek Organizing help you evaluate your chores, errands, and time consuming tasks and create a more efficient plan for your lifestyle. Whether you’re a hard-working professional trying to keep up with a demanding job or an on-the-go parent trying to juggle family priorities (or both!) we can help you streamline your life. Sometimes even the smallest changes can have a dramatic impact on your life.

Moving or Downsizing

  • Pack/Unpack
  • Coordinate movers
  • Sort and take donations to the charity of your choice

Shopping & Discounts

No time to run all of those errands? Do you need help choosing the right tools to help organize your home? Hide & Seek Organizers can help you choose the right items that will fit your home and your style, and we can even pick them up for you too!

One benefit of working with Hide & Seek Organizing is that all discounts we receive based on professional affiliations are passed directly to our clients. If we have a professional relationship with a vendor, we will tell you up front about the relationship and pass the savings directly to you.

Give the Gift of Organizing

Do you know someone who wants to get organized? Give the gift of organizing! Gift certificates are available upon request and can be mailed directly to the recipient.